Stouffer's stuffed peppers, 1976

Not a contest entry as I'm not quite sure if there's any meat in there, but I nominate this for "Most Accurate Ad Copy Although Probably Not In The Way They Were Expecting."

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Replace "Words" with "Epic" and they would really have it right. I'm guessing there's meat involved there somewhere or something meatish. My parents used to make stuffed peppers all the time and I hated them! I can't say I have ever made them as an adult (but I was sometimes forced to help make them as a kid) or even eaten them.
My mother makes them a lot. Usually with a spiced sausage and rice filling. What makes the ones in the picture weird is that they sliced the peppers on the side instead of across the top.

Depending on the recipie they can either be horrible or delicous.
Stuffed bell peppers are amazing.

Although I can't see myself buying them frozen...
Oh god, words SO fail. *gag*

Stuffed green peppers were my childhood nemesis. :(

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Yes, they do.

(I don't mind stuffed peppers but the picture isn't good.)
I doubt that these are better than my mother-in-law's recipe. And I guarantee they have 1000 times more sodium.

I think what kills this ad is the sloppy presentation. If they had put a little more effort into it and made it a little neater, instead of just glopping it on the plate...perhaps it would appear more appetizing. I don't know, maybe the science of food presentation was still young back then.
Stuffed peppers usually involved meat and rice and onions. My mom made 'em and they were delicious!