Yes, but not really for the meat
That's too much sandwich for that kid! Make him share.

I have never had Steak-umm, but I was a huge Jack Klugman fan and I remember these ads. Quincy and reruns of The Odd Couple were some of my favorite shows. (I was a weird kid.) I got to see him and Tony Randall in "The Sunshine Boys" in the late 90s and that was a squee-riffic moment in my life!
Re: Yes, but not really for the meat
12 Angry Men is one of my favorite movies, and he was great on Twilight Zone.
Re: Yes, but not really for the meat
LOVED watching the Odd Couple as a kid!!!!
"Steak? Umm, I wouldn't call it steak..."

Sorry, that's what I think of every time I become re-aware of Steak-Umms.
Never had Steak-Umm, but my college served something similar called Steak-Eze that I ate every day. I'd definitely try this once.