Oh I forgot about these! I rather liked the hickory flavored one. The pizza flavored one tended to not play well with other condiments but was okay with onion rings. /coolstorybro
I SO wish they had more flavored ketchup, or rather, had CURRY ketchup. So delicious, so hard to find.
Hickory sounds intriguing. Pizza doesn't sound like it would taste good on anything other than mozzarella sticks.
The hickory one SOUNDS GOOD... I don't know about the pizza one, but I'd certainly try it.

One of my gardening clients gave me plum ketchup? It wasn't ketchup...it was chunky, savory crack. I ate the whole thing on scrambled eggs (about 4-5 scrambled) in one sitting. OMg...

SORRY, Yes. Hickory ketchup. sounds good, yep.
I remember the hickory catsup; it was pretty good. Gave burgers a distinctive kick.