Buy some towels. Except we can't sell you any right now, so buy some War Bonds. Or heck, just look at a naked woman.

(Seriously, it's a striking ad. But I keep thinking "Hey, a naked woman!")
Bet it was fun to work on the Cannon Towels account during the war! ;)

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That is at least ten times sexier than anything else I've seen lately. Considering the era that ad was made, that is quite surprising!
That's a quite clever solution to privacy and daylight in the bathroom, and I wish sinks like that were still available without paying $2,000+ for some 'designer' reproduction.
If you will direct your attention slightly southeast of the delicious derriere, you will see a chair which I desperately love.

I love this bathroom, although my towel color choices would be different.
They have benches made like that at our Y. Siobhan says they look like they're made of seatbelts.
Wow! Gorgeous ad and I love that bathroom: so modern and it was 40s?
*scroll down scroll down*
Oh nice hair.
*scroll down scroll down*


How risque for 1944! I love the art on this one.
What? No bare-assed soldiers frolicking in water?

I often dream about being nude and three times too large for my bathroom. I'm sure there's a Freudian meaning.

I love those colors, but I'll bet they ran like crazy! Mine would be faded in six months.
what i REALLY love about this ad is the woman isnt airbrushed within an inch of her life, (ok, granted, they didnt have airbrushing then) that she's got a wholesome face with that lovely body and its not just "woohoo sexy nekkid woman!"

she's naked in context, while still being (relatively) covered. and the bathroom is pretty darn stunning, too. :)

Not trying to start "skinny vs. fat" wank, I just wish that we could hurry up and move towards realizing that women can be beautiful at many different shapes and sizes.
Totally. Not a wrinkle or fold in sight.

I'm considered thin and still have those. She's quite lovely, size aside.

Sexy, sexy for the '40s!
It's quite heartening to know that Cannon Towels had equal opportunity fanservice. Woohoo!
This would've driven me right outa my mind when I was a boy. It's drivin' me most of the way there right now.