I have these! Sixty years later, still in great condition.

*believes in matched luggage*
She does have that jaunty raised eyebrow, like she's expecting to have a LOT of fun out in the world.
Wow, definitely NOT inexpensive. Check those prices and figure that your average 'working girl' started out making about $60US a week in the 50s...
my nana gave me her complete set in baby blue, its in mint condition (guess baggage handlers were gentler back then) i love using it on family vacations, theres my mom, dad, sister, with duffles or those plain black rolling ones, and i come skippin out the house with a train case and atleast one of the matching suitcases,
Gasp! JEALOUS. :)
Sadly I'd be too nervous to stick it in the cargo hold of a plane. But I'd totally carry a train case and vanity case (vanity o'nite?) around with me.
My mom used to have the beige set. She found them at an antique store for a steal. We used them on several family vacations and though they were kind of heavy when full, they fit neatly into the mini van and left lots of room for other stuff. Not sure what happened to them...