Matchy Matchy! WIth your fridge!

Before everything became stainless (and before harvest gold and avocado), there was FABRIC!

International Harvester, 1950s


Just pick a pattern!

Which is your favorite?

These gals chose plaid!

A fashion first!  No disputing that.

And it was not just for refrigerators.

Betty bought seventeen and a half yards of calico, and she's going to use it, even if she has to make cozies for every Fiestaware and Pyrex dish sitting in that god damn fridge.
Well, Bill's fishing tackle box is in for the floral treatment now. And his picnic cooler, and his briefcase that always smells like the cheap perfume that hotsie-totsie secretary of his wears.
I would cover my freaking disgusting old mashed white crappy fridge in a SECOND if this was available now! Wow. Ok, maybe not the overdose on curtains and air con and and and, but definitely the fridge.
Have you looked into metal foils designed for this situation?
On the message board, I saw a fantastic mini-fridge someone covered with scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. It looked incredible. You could use just about anything, really: wallpaper, Sunday newspaper comics, wrapping paper. Wallpaper would hold up really well, I'm thinking.

Beyond that, you can spray-paint that sucker with appliance paint. The door will come off and you can do it outside. Saw it done fantastically on a decorating TV show a while ago.
Hell yeah! Why should smart phones and laptops be the only ones to get cool skins? Okay, some aren't so cool, but I dig some of them.
i'd cover the icebox in a SECOND. not plaid, though. *shudders*

i think the window air conditioner cover is cool, too. makes it blend in more with the curtains, and i like that.
All I can think about is how stained and disgusting that fabric would be within days.
yeah I like the idea but clothe...egads the stains! Now in something wipe cleanable I would be all over that
I love this idea so much. I would totally do it, if I knew how to properly finish the edges. There's so many gorgeous patterns out there in wipeable fabrics.

Hmmm, spell check says that "wipeable" is not a word. I beg to differ!
While I have a distressing amount of plaid in my wardrobe, I wouldn't inflict it on my appliances. Plus, the cleanup! All that fabric to wash!