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MOD POST let's have fun while i melt.....

it is 111+ degrees here and the humidity is also high....it's not normally this hot here, as i know some parts of the country (US) has temps like this all the time.....i'm melting and descending into madness (more so than my usual state of).....i'm gonna go sit outside under a sprinkler....or i might put on my winter coat and boots and pretend to be shoveling snow from my driveway....

since a lot of the US is having a heat wave and many of us are suffering, let's post ICE COLD FROSTY WINTER TYPE ADS!!!! YES!! Today and tomorrow (another scorcher) let's post, in addition to our contest and regular ads, ads for ice cold drinks, snow stuff, cooling activities, etc.....

i'll start....i wish i had one of these right now....

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