Contest Entry: Underwood Deviled -

Underwood Deviled Tongue. 1918.  Photo from

Eat it without guilt! Save the "essential" (in quotes) meat for the troops (WWI troops, that is.)

TASTE THE TASTE.  Now that's what I call a slogan!


A few others that are NOT official entries but too pretty to overlook -

yes, please!! i havent had deviled ham in ages, i guess i know what i'm picking up at the store tonight!
"Taste the Taste" is very meta here. I mean, it's TONGUE, right? If it were deviled nose, it would be "Taste the Smell", right? Taste the Taste of Taste! "Taste the Taste of What Other Animals Taste With"!
"Branded With The Devil But Fit For The Gods!"

There's a Supernatural episode somewhere in there.

I love love loved Underwood Deviled Ham as a kid. I think I'll pick some up, too!

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Or awesome text for a tattoo! Or at least a 70s-era van. You'd definitely have to have Odin as one of the gods.
This is true: I used to be terrified of the Underwood Devil as a kid, like about age 3 or 4. I don't think I even knew what the devil was then, but it still creeped me out. I never liked that stuff anyway. The old Devil logo looks even more evil than the more modern one, which is still quite old.
Sorry for laughing, but I think it's hilarious that you were scared of the Underwood Devil when you were little!
My (much, much younger) step-sister used to be terrified by the Mark VII TV logo (Jack Webb's company). Not a face in sight - just a guy's hand with a hammer. To this day she hasn't been able to explain it.
Mmm, I love deviled ham, I wonder how deviled tongue tastes like? Is this still sold?
Re: Yes
Nice icon ;P

Thanks for the links! I'm Asian, so deviled tongue doesn't actually sound that weird to me lol. My mum would probably love it.
Damnit, we've been having all these deviled ham ads lately. I used to LOVE deviled ham as a kid. I'm just going to have to buy some and try it again!