thank you!! that page has a page (does that make sense?? i'm still sweltering here....) Hamms locator and it says Miller is cutting off where it's sold more and does say it's available in OH...but i gotta find out where!

they have another page where members sent in locations but none of ohio....i suppose i can start by calling a miller distributor! thanks for this link! :)
Yep. Had me some last month.
It's like PBR, but without the hipster taint.
Re: Yep. Had me some last month.
what a brilliant description right there.....

i've had Hamm's before...but haven't had it in years...haven't seen it in stores, that's why i asked if it still was made.....i wish they'd stop making PBR!!! just to upset the hipsters! :D (no, that is not a nice thing to say and i apologize to any hipsters, though i don't think hipsters recognize themselves as hipsters.....)....
The version I saw had the singing duck being CLOBBERED. Hee! It's a great commercial.
I grew up in Minnesota hearing this jingle all the time, and as an adult spent a couple of years working for the ad agency that had created these commercials -- there was even a stuffed Hamm's Bear in the trophy/award case in the lobby!