Kool-Aid, 1960


You know what's weird? I went to 2 different stores yesterday looking for Kool-Aid or a reasonable facsimile and I couldn't find it anywhere. Do they still sell this stuff? 

ETA: My quest is complete! I returned to the store this morning and since a lot of stocking was going on, I was able to ask someone where it was. It was next to the popcorn and cans of mixed nuts. Of course! How could I have possibly missed it? Thanks everyone for encouraging me not to give up! :D
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you couldn't find kool-aid?!?!??! they have it in like 2 dozen flavors now--including one that is 'clear'.....they even have 'flavor-aid' the generic facsimile......

that sure looks refreshing.....
kool aid is still alive and well all over the states. ive even seen it being sold at liquor stores.
YESSSS GREEN-FLAVORED KOOL-AID, that was one of my favorites. Purple is also good.
I find it hard to believe you can't find Kool-aid. It sure does look good right now; wonder if it's Lime mmm.
The note reminds me of what my Mom would say when I had food: "Save some for your Dad!!"
Koolaid is still made and sold in most places. It can be made sugar-free with Splenda or Stevia. And there is a ton of flavors now. But it costs FIVE TIMES what it did back when this ad was written.
Yep they still sell it, although it may be harder to find the little "nickel packets" (as my mom used to call them) than it is to find the cannisters of pre-sweetened kool-aid. But it's still out there!
I'm sure it is and I don't know why I can't seem to locate it. I was looking for the small packets, but I didn't see the pre-sweetened stuff either or anything similar like Crystal Light. I went up and down several aisles in 2 stores. Of course the only thing harder to find than Kool-Aid is a store associate to help you look! Can I get a witness?

About 2 years ago, a store had it for really cheap. I bought an obscene amount of it and my stockpile has finally run out.
That's where I looked as well as other places. I also don't use the full amount of sugar. I usually use 2/3 cups, but I don't know how much that is in Canadian. :)