Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen, 1960

That woman on the right seems a bit... out of place.
I agree with you... It's like the art director said: This is too family friendly. We need a hottie-babe to make the teenaged boys come around... But she looks older... A Cougar, perhaps? Ready to break in the men-in-training? (and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson...your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, eh heh...eh eh hey!")
I got it... she's the "My man left me so I'm gonna put on my shortie shorts and go cruise the Dairy Queen, eat Icecream, and find a little sugar!"
The answer has appeared in a comment below: RIZZO. How did I not see that?

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I think she's the mom of those two kids...and that's her family's dog? She's the MILF so more dads take their families out for ice cream?

I got nothing.
Welp, it's 100 degrees here and that banana split is lookin' fiiiiiiiiiiiiine.
I love their dipped cones! They just tore down a former Dairy Queen in my town a few days ago. Boooo! Actually, it was an eyesore and hadn't been open in years. It was one of those really ugly ones from the late 70s. Of course, the main problem is they didn't replace it!
I like the colorful cups, the dancing daschund, and how that one woman seems have sewn her own skirt and made a matching dress for her daughter out of the same fabric.

What is casting that weird shadow at the bottom of the picture though?
I'm curious how the guy in the lower left is managing to not spill his banana split all over everything. Also, I'm befuddled over his comically tiny spoon.

I seriously could go for some ice cream right now...anyone up for a trip? :D
...excuse me, I need to make a pilgrimage to the nearest DQ. I could use a banana split so bad right now.
...Which I had forgotten was the subject of this icon. Let's just say I really really need this weekend to arrive.
I love ads with dachshunds! Poodles were 'big' in ads and decor in the early/mid 50s...By the late 50s/early 60s,the emphasis had switched to dachshunds . TONS of dachshund memorabilia made then that shows up on ebay.
Ahhhh, Dairy Queen! I could go for an Oreo Blizzard right about now! :)
Lady on right...
She reminds me of Jane Russell in the gymnasium in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes...