ICE! The miracle product!

Even ordinary drinking water is glamorized!

YES: Modern Woman Magazine, "a publication from the ice industry, Wisconsin Ice & Coal Co. 1941"

I love the ADAMANT closing line, and the hilarious with/without contrast. 

The way ICE is always in all caps makes me wonder if it's an acronym for some secret code word and maybe they're not actually referring to ice. Kind of makes me think of RICE: rest, ice, compression, elevation.
Except for that one time it isn't, in ¶3. That's just Ice. I suspect the typesetter ran out of capital letters.
I thought the same thing. It's drugs! They're selling drugs!

"Ask your ICE Server Man to deliver extra ICE".

Could be. Or Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Gawd, that should have been the first one I thought of. My husband is a naturalized immigrant so he had to deal with those people for awhile. Glad that's over with!