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Ivory Soap, 1919


Two more below the cut

and this one I can't quite explain:

n.b. : there's a flickr group called "Unintentionally Gay" and a good collection (many of which we've seen recently) HERE.

n.b. also: the flickr site known as Populuxe has over 1200 classic ads.  WONDERFUL to look at, particularly THIS U.G. GEM, which isn't part of any ad, apparently.
im honestly shocked @ how much theyre showing in that 2nd one!
its almost like a scene from OZ!
Wow, it's amazing how much nudity they're showing! Who was writing and drawing these ads?? I'd love to know how the average American reacted to them, as well, and I'm simply intrigued by that little by-line on the bottom of the last ad: "Mention the Geographic-- It identifies you". I know it has nothing to do with the ad, but still. What great placement. Is it a Freudian slip, or is it something more?
If this community has taught me one thing, it is that men in the early 1900s really really liked bathing together and lounging about while naked.

The more you know. *shooting star*
It wasn't stigmatized or sexualized. See THIS BOOK (poss. nsfw?) about affection between men in the 19th and early 20th C. (white, north american) It was understood and accepted to sit together, spend time together, touch, hold hands, and generally be affectionate without being homosexually attracted.
Oh absolutely not, but for straight guys, the range of acceptable affection has seriously decreased.
Ivory Soap and Cannon Towels. Were they in competition, trying to out-gay each other? Or did they both simply appreciate the fine (very fine!) naked form?