Confession time. I used to not really like pizza. Because the only pizza I had ever had was that Kraft pizza from a box topped with processed cheese slices and sliced hotdogs. We were not sophisticated enough for sliced olives, I guess.

I was 18 before I had real pizza and left these things behind.
Wow, they managed to make celery look more appetizing than pizza! (the drinks on the right look good, too.)
Uneven Pimiento olive eye placement! Some get two, some get one, some get NONE!
They're going for a Joan` Miro sort of Midcentury Mod effect. You match the drapes.
Heh, the only thing here I find gross are the olives. Spam wouldn't be my first choice for a pizza topping, but I'd eat it. Needs more cheese, though. Pizza always needs more cheese.
Re: Yes
Pretty much. Pizza without sauce is at worst, foccacia. Pizza without cheese is at best, a travesty.
for the portmanteau word "Pizzaroo." Not sure where the "roo" comes from though. Is Spam made of kangaroo meat?
The olives are disgusting. They should have made it a true Hawai'ian pizza, and used some Dole Pineapple.
Ann (in the striped sweater) is going to regret that they waited until after the pizza to play Seven Minutes in Heaven.
It seems to me that Kraft's marketing people decided to come up with a bunch of youth oriented trash food in the 1960s and 70s.

But to me, it looks like something you would serve prisoners.
What in the world are bile-yellow sweater girl and blue shirt guy doing? Some kind of pizza cha-cha?

I'm afraid that food is just *vile* looking.