GO GAY! With your hairspray!

Is the unintentionally gay vein exhausted? NEVER!

Go Gay hairspray by Helene Curtis

I kind of love her hair, or maybe it's that her eyes match it. :D

I love all the split ends and fluffy bits popping off her hair in the first one. You would NEVER see something like that in a modern ad.
Love the last one. The hair! The porn face! the protruding products!

(BTW the last ad is in Swedish and it says "We want a hair spray that smells good! We want Go Gay - it doesn't smell like hair spray")
A squeeze bottle? I've never heard of hair spray in a squeeze bottle. How would that work?
If "Go Gay girls are discovered first," but by a guy, can we assume the product doesn't work?
Holy smokes, the last one I really thought was a parody for a moment: the Baader-Meinhof gang presents a revolutionary new hairspray, also handy as a flame-thrower against the pig kapitalist polizei in an emergency during a sexy, sexy riot in East Berlin. After, ve smoke ze hash und listen to Led Zep, dollink.

The first three are cute and dainty in comparison. I can only imagine the girls in #3 are laughing at Captain's ridiculously tiny excuse for a boat as they destroy the ozone layer (remember the ozone layer? RIP).