Lifebuoy soap, 1946

At last! An ad which recognises that men also get BO. *G* I was beginning to think that women were the only people targeted by this kind of advertising!

But oh, dear, this marriage looks like it's on the rocks if even his wife can't tell him...

From The Australian Women's Weekly, 2 February 1946
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These ads are making me see hidden gay everywhere, because I can't help wondering why his roommate was so concerned how he smelled when they "batched" together.

I also can't believe you could be married to someone and not have the nerve to say "Dude, shower a little more, huh?" but then I've never been in that situation.
Oh good! So it isn't just me seeing the hidden gay. *G* I was interested to note that Our Hero took more care of his personal hygiene when he was "batching" with Jack than after he got married!
"Batched together"....?

Irks me so when directions like "(thinks:)" are spelled out in comics. Did 1940s Australia not yet have the fluffy cloud bubbles to indicate thought or internal monologue?

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Maybe fluffy cloud bubbles were still in short supply after the war? %-P

My guess is "batched together" is somehow derived from "bachelor".
Yes, "batching" or "batching it" referred to living as a bachelor. I usually associate it with "bachelor farmers" in farming communities, but I guess it was used in non-farming contexts too.

"Batching together" would be having a roommate, surely nothing else was meant, GETCHER MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER.
Except that this is the first time I've EVER heard this term, and since the term "confirmed bachelor" (i.e., gay) came from the same era (and lasted well into the seventies) I think some of us can be excused for having our minds in the gutter over this one. I mean, it's one thing to be roommates, it's another to be "batching together". ;-D
Why not just buy a supply of the Special Health Ingredient and sprinkle it on whatever soap he's already using? For that matter, what is the Special Health Ingredient, exactly?
Brokeback Billabong. Batching down under indeed.
An ad where the man's hygiene is threatening the marriage? Inconceivable!

I have to wonder why it took a secluded bro-weekend with Jack for him to realize that if stank back in their old 'batching' days that that may be the case now, too. Why did he stop using Lifebuoy in the first place?

Since she's probably the one who does the shopping, I'm surprised the wife didn't just start buying Lifebuoy to de-stank the guy.
"Of course I remember what kind of soap you used when we batched together! I'm not a weirdo or anything!"

Also, good call on wearing your sweater-vest while you're fishing. Your wife will love trying to get the fish guts out of it.
Maybe the story of this rocky marriage will be continued in a Lux, Persil or Rinso ad. ("I don't know what to do, Mabel! Every time he goes fishing he comes home with a vest full of fish guts." "Have you thought of trying [Brand Name here]? It gets my Jack's woollens fluffy and clean!")

"That fishing pole ain't never touched water. Jack Twist?! Jack Nasty!!!"

God, even his name works. XD
To answer the question: yes, but not if it means spending it at Mother's. How about take Mother to a spa resort and let the boys stink it up on their fishing trip, or whatever it is they do.
Her "holiday" will probably consist of her crying on her mother's shoulder and complaining about Ol' "Stinky".