Semicid (1980)

I can't remember now for sure, but this may have been the ad that "spawned" Porn Stache Weekend. 

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The woman's eyes are as blank as a Stepford wife's, the man's are full of his glee in overpowering her and pinning her to the bed. Creepy, creepy, creepy.
When I posted this before, I noted the same thing. He seems to be holding her down and she looked scared.
I can't unsee! Before, I thought they were both "oh hai, we just woke up refreshed after our long shagfest and YOU are here!"
You cannot unsee the horror of the Husband and his poor Stepford Wife... Run, run, far away!
i believe it was!!! so it's very appropriate it's the first ad posted!!! :)
I think that 'stache is an EXTREMELY effective barrier to lovemaking. and pregnancy. and getting anywhere past first base.
i dunno, i like the 'stache. then again, i'm married to Sasquatch. we're talking full-on fur sweater front and back, and legs that rival a percheron. awful cute but VERY hairy. :D (i fell in love with him AFTER i got over the hair. heh.)
"Semicid"...? I'm guessing that name wasn't extensively tested with focus groups. It either sounds like a mash of semen & acid, or it's one E away from being "sperm murder".

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I mean, murdering sperm is something you might want from your contraceptive.
"...cid", though, makes me think of "acid", and I get fidgety thinking of acid around my vaginal area.

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I love how the woman's wedding ring is prominently we know it's okay that they're having sex.
I was just pointing that out to my husband, who immediately said, "Doesn't mean she's married to that guy!"
I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe she's also on the pill and she's being extra careful because her husband doesn't look anything like that guy.
"If your doctor has told you that you should not become pregnant, please discuss Semicid with him before use."

Nice assumption there, Semicid.
Reminds me of a conversation I had in junior high about the time this ad came out about gynecologists, when I had the nerve to suggest I might want to see a woman doctor. "Eww! I wouldn't want some lesbo feeling me up down there!" Seriously, those are almost the exact words of one of my classmates, so assumptions abounded back in the day, at least among some of the people I knew.