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Racist ad...

One issue that I find particularly interesting regarding vintage ads is how companies that have historically been racially charged (racist), advertise then and now. An American example for this would be Aunt Jemima or Uncle Ben's or Land of Lakes butter. I bring you here a German example. "Sioux" is a German shoe company that was founded in 1954. Here one of their original advertisements from the 1950s: Behind the cut how the company, whose entire name is Native appropriation tackled this in the 1990s and currently. (I hope this is allowed, once.) (French ad. The male model in these ads is the Californian Yaqui Apache Rick Mora) (translation: The moccassin feeling) And NOW the company is doing away again with actual Native Americans, using "redface" instead and equating Native Americans with "wild" (savages?): "If the journey (or path) is the destination, good shoes are the start." "Shoes which don't fit in a drawer (category)" "Someone who is wild, is rather comfortable. But Sioux represents an exception."
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