Libbyland Dinners

Libbyland TV Dinners, 1973

I didn't remember these, but I remember elements of the commercial. The more I look, the more I think I ate these.

Sea Diver's Dinner, Safari Supper, Sundown Supper, Pirate Picnic, and Gold Strike Supper!  This one had Fish Sticks AND Mac & Ham & Cheese, AND corn in butter sauce AND French Fries AND Chocolate Pudding AND Chocolate Milk. :D  Kids Fun Dinner indeed. And you cook the chocolate pudding??


Four more 

Pictures from flickr's Grickily (Dan Goodsell)

The trays were embossed as well and the box converted into a backdrop/story scene.
My folks totally had these for my lunch or dinner occasionally during my childhood (late '60s/mid 70's, Rapid City SD). Thank you for the fun flashback!

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My rotten, soulless, uncaring parents never let me have these. All I got was French cooking and a bunch of whole grains.

You're wondering to yourself if perhaps I didn't beg hard enough. I BEGGED HARD ENOUGH.

I have a feeling you begged hard enough that your parents considered selling you to a band of Travellers. :-)
First off, nothing green in any of them, not that green would have been appreciated by kids, but these aren't healthy, they are hilariously unhealthy.

And was this some type of a precursor to Kid Cuisine?

But ... why such strange combinations? A chicken "drumstick" AND meatballs? Fish sticks and fries AND macaroni and ham? What were they thinking? Why is corn the only available vegetable? (No, seriously. Is there a valid reason? Historically? Was there a pea shortage? A carrot disease?)
Wait that's not a boatload of ketchup, that's PUDDING?! I bet there was always some corn in the pudding.
My day is so made by these...
I love the front packaging illustrations (I can tell they're made in clay but I can't of anything else to call them other than illustrations). They're so cool! Otherwise, oh god, those dinners look so gross. xD As a kid I probably wouldn't have cared but as an adult they make me cringe.
I remember these! Although my mother hardly bought them for me... something about "costs too much" and "for no more than you get" and "not worth it" or blah blah shennanigans. :P

I *think* this must have been the source of a weird childhood memory : A frozen TV dinner that included a packet to be added to milk, to make it blueberry flavored. Chocolate and strawberry milk are pretty common, but that was the first and last time I ever heard of blueberry milk.
I don't remember these, but I was certainly in that demographic. My parents fed me a lot of TV dinners as a kid, but it was always the same stuff they ate like Banquet and Swanson. My parents weren't lazy. My mom had a lot of health problems and my dad had to put in a lot of hours. I learned that if I wanted a decent meal, I was going to have to learn to cook at an early age! So there was an up side.

The packaging is fun. I can see why somebody saved these. Mean Gene looks like a ripoff of Snidely Whiplash.
So, there's a bun to go with the hot dog, but not the small bin of sloppy-joe mix? Also, as with all TV dinners, I assume all of the food got jumbled together during transport, so there would have been corn in the pudding compartment. YUM!
No, they typically didn't get all over each other, until you took a forkful of the corn and mixed it into the Spaghetti-O's.
Pirate Picnic and Safari Supper were my faves...
If I worked / wheedled my Mom juuuuuuust right, I got to have one of these once in a blue moon. Fun! Thanks for posting!

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The "Pirate Picnic" looks like it has an awful lot of food for a kid. But I would eat the "Safari Supper." I am a weird person.
I remember these quite well. They came out in the late sixties, early seventies, I believe. The boxes were designed by Jay Ward, who also did the Rocky & Bullwinkle show, Captain Crunch, Quisp and Quake.
OMG! My great grandmother gave me one of these every day while my mom and grandma were at work! I swear I'm in tears - good tears.

Thank you for posting my memories :)
I absolutely ate those when I was a kid. I remember the odd texture of the baked-then-frozen-then-baked-again hot dog bun.