L&M Cigarettes (1972)

I wonder what she's thinking about. I'll bet she's either musing about her wild college days or is just biding her time until the pool boy gets there. 

Nice, fall-themed boxes! Certainly different from the images we'll see in the U.S. soon and are already in some other countries. 
I love the 70s breakfast. Black coffee, cigarette, only one egg, butter (maybe it's margarine, come to think of it). And yet she looks great.
How did everyone not just have to check into the hospital all the time?
If I lived like this, I'd die of starvation and raging nerves.
My dad only ever had coffee and a cigarette for breakfast; when he was a kid, his first-grade teacher asked him what he had for breakfast, and he said, "Coffee and a donut."

Oh, and I don't think that's her breakfast; she doesn't look like a smoker.
If I didn't actually see them eat, I would've believed my parents survived on nothing but coffee and cigarettes.
My grandmother survived on little else but coffee and pie for the last 30 or so years of her life. She never smoked, though.
I'm... confused. Does the food you eat under the influence of spliff not count as food? Do you not get munchies?

I guess it's cuz I'm so into food that I cannot imagine this "not eating" thing.
It reminds me of something from "Our Gang" or "The Little Rascals" - I can picture Froggy saying it or one of the other little boys who wanted to impress his pretty teacher by acting like a man! :)
My parents both grew up on farms and my dad, especially, believed in big breakfasts. So did my brother and sister. Then I come along, and I HATE to eat first thing in the morning. Apparently even when I got to be a toddler, I wasn't much for breakfast.

They really had a difficult time dealing with me.

(And I still cringe at the thought of eating right after I get up.)
Me too! I actually feel ill if I eat first thing. i have to wait for at least an hour. Weird... I wonder why.
I can't eat when I first wake up either. On most days, I get up around 6:30 and I am not hungry until 8:00 at the earliest. Also that whole "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" and "eat a big breakfast and you won't be hungry later" thing have been proven to be myths. If you're doing a lot of heavy labor like a farmer would, you probably want to eat a big breakfast, but if you're an office worker, you're better off with something light. I know if I eat a big breakfast, I just want to go back to bed!
This is how my husband is, too. I'm the opposite - I wake up RAVENOUS! Completely running on empty, alarm bells going off, must eat immediately or I'll start to get a headache/ migraine if I wait too long. So I have to eat something and then later, when his stomach catches up, sometimes I'll have "second breakfast" with him. Maybe I was a hobbit in a previous life.
I think it totally depends on your metabolism. If you feel like eating: eat. If not: don't. I think it's more important to listen to your body than what the Breakfast Council of America (or whatever) says you should do.
I used to not be able to eat anything after waking up. It takes an hour or so for me to be able to feel hungry.
MTE. That is not a 'just waking up' face - that is a 'that was rather enjoyable' face.
and there's that other cup of coffee...the mussed hair....yeah....he just left on to clean his next pool.....
Mallory Keaton settles into her day after sending Nick off to work, and the kids to school. Skippy will soon be over to join her in her second cup of coffee.
Back in the days when a woman could be a stay at home Mom if she wanted to. Pretty much can't nowdays. Nowdays in addition to doing all that work in the morning, now she gets to go a shitty job and work 8 hours and then go home and do it all again with dinner. Sounds like a nightmare!
My mother never made me breakfast and I grew up in the '70s and '80s. She used to say to me "I'm liberated. I don't cook." Thus I learned to make the red sauce for dinner and French toast on weekends, Cheerios most of the other times.

Today she admits she just didn't want to cook. She still doesn't -- BJ's makes their fortune from her buying frozen meals and bags of pistachios.