Contest Entry: AYDS diet candy (1980)

AYDS will make you thin! 

I wasn't aware this product was on the market this long, but I'm sure not too long after this. I remember my mother use to take these in the early 70s and no matter how well she hid them, I always found them and ate them! They were good! Kind of like Kraft caramels. 
They really should have been in some sort of childproof container. My mom's were just in a box. Then again, I learned to open childproof containers when I was about five (push lid against the wall and twist bottle) the same time I was sneaking the diet drugs!
My mother had them too! She would always pull off a tiny piece of the corner of one for me when she'd eat one. Like a piece no larger than a mini M&M, but I remember it was good! I always wanted more, lol!
My mom had these, too-and we found them and ate them, as well. They were very good. Good enough I'd want to eat a lot of them, so I don't know how well that whole suppressant thing worked.
Oh, I remember aunts and grandma had them too, and I ate them--did they really work as far as an appetite suppressant went? Anything dangerous in them?
I don't really know-this is the first time I've seen anyone mention that. I just thought they were candy. I was about 10 or so...a long time ago, heh. All I remember is they were GOOD, and it wasn't fair Mom hid the "candy", lol.
Wikipedia says it was phenylpropanolamine, which can now only be obtained by prescription. Says it can cause stroke in young women. Yikes! My mother had a minor stroke when she was in her 20s. She blamed it on taking a long bus trip and being exhausted. Now I wonder!
I have no idea. It's important to note that my mother had a lot of other health problems as well, so I seriously doubt these were the single cause of any of her issues, but you never know. Just one of those things that makes me go, "HMMMM . . ."
I'll add my voice to the crowd. My mom had them too. I wasn't supposed to eat them, but once or twice mom broke the rule and shared. Guess she figured out they didn't work as an appetite suppressant.
Personally, I don't remember them.

But "AYDS Suppressants" sounds like something we needed in the late 70's and early 80's.
I don't remember them (might have been gone before I was born), but I wouldn't think of candy as a good diet aid.

I heard this company changed the name of the product after the AIDS epedemic.
"ayds. a name you can trust. in more ways than one."

I ate these when I was a pudgy outcast in junior high in the early 1980s. I did end up losing a bunch of weight, but mostly it was from skipping breakfast and eating next to nothing at lunch. I went on to high school skinny and no longer bullied, but it screwed up my digestive system for good. Ah, good old teenage crash dieting and warped body images!
If only it ended when our teenage years do. I didn't quit torturing myself about my weight until I was in my mid-twenties and for some women it never stops.
My mom gained weight on these. She swears they were THAT GOOD. I feel like I missed out.
I too raided these as a kid. Though they belonged to my older sister, rather than Mom.
Yep...My mom had them, hid them and I found them and scarffed them down. They were good.
I remember those really well. The company refused to change the name when AIDS came into the news, though I guess they eventually went out of business.