AN ISETTA!! Oh man, my OH used to have one of these! It was a great wee motor, but then they sold it to fund other car projects :(
My father talked about going car shopping with my grandfather and looking at a car that opened up at the front like that. I don't remember if he said it was a BMW, but Isetta, as others have referred to it rings a bell. They didn't buy it, but I can't remember why not. Maybe because of this way it disrupts the time-space continuum. Look at the woman looking directly into the camera. Doesn't it look like she's somehow sitting in the front and backseat at the same time? Seriously, it's like her legs are in front, but her head is behind the other woman. It's freaking me out and it seems to be freaking her out a little bit, too.
They found a two-seater Isetta in a storage bin on Storage Wars.
More than a golf cart, less than a Mini Cooper. Something like this would actually be great if EVERYONE had roughly the same thing for city driving and everyone was strapped in and went no more than 25 MPH, and each vehicle had a wraparound crash bumper. Presto!...More urban parking capacity, less fuel use
At least the BMW version had 4 wheels. If I remember correctly, the original Italian design was only 3-wheeled, with 2 wheels in front and 1 in the back.
Yes, that thing is crazy, and I wish I remembered the Urkel car!

Crumple zone, what crumple zone?
It looks uncomfortable to have all those people in the car.
My dad had one of these! I used to sit in his lap and steer.
I Vote YES!