This is why we all should be thankful for car seats. What, exactly, did they feel this would protect from, besides rolling off the back seat?
It looks like it could inadvertently end up protecting the baby from being able to breathe.
you might want to consider putting 'contest entry' in the subject line here....
So, the kid stand or puts one hand on the top of that thing, then jumps or rolls over the top and comes crashing down onto the floor while bouncing and screaming.

Good think that won't be distracting to the driver!

If this becomes a contest entry, YES.
Wow, I applaud the "protectiveness" of this device. As effective as Mom throwing her arm across my chest at traffic lights.
What I think is funny is that the ad says the device "protects baby sleeping in car" while the baby in the ad is clearly NOT asleep!
Now you can add suffocation hazard to the list of ways your baby can die in the car.
I used to sleep on the back seat all the time. THey used to use the center seat belt to strap me in...I would unlatch it all the time, it kinda hurt.

Soooooo when my mother was in a multicar pile up, I rolled off the back seat and split my head on a plastic trash can...12 stitchs and a 40 year old scar still live on my forehead.

That actually would have been useful.