The Soviets planned it, you know. Either that or she had a teeny-tiny little Superman hiding in her lead insides.

Forgive me, I'm tired.
okay, maybe I'm horrible, but when you mentioned the lead I just started laughing harder. like, I literally cannot stop laughing. this is amazing.
My cousin had one of those. My uncle had a dairy farm, so it seemed natural to buy his daughter a cow who gives "milk" via tablet.

She even still sucks up water when you pump her tail, and when she's full, her head still pops up and says "Moo"... but I no longer have any of the tablets you put in her udder to make the milk white, and one of the teats has been torn off.
That is a really weird toy. I think I'd rather have real milk than "pretend milk."
Oh! My sister and I had a Milky! I tried to make her drink real milk. That...didn't really work.
Oh man, I remember Milky. I guess I always kind of assumed she stopped being sold because it was kind of a lame idea. I have to think that most kids probably don't get excited over the prospect of milking a toy cow.

Having said that, I'll admit I wouldn't mind having a Milky. I don't know why.
I had this toy when I was little. My mom threw it away because my brothers and I used to always pinch our fingers in between her tail and her backside....ugh.
Lead? Milky! Say it ain't so!

(I still want one, too. It's just an easy-going and peaceful toy, I guess.)
I *always* wanted one and never got her. Maybe it's for the best in retrospect. XD