That "hammock" looks like it's for torture. Or kinky sex. Or both.

Ah, the old days, when you could knock back booze with your boss.

... OK, I'm sure some people still do that. But it sounds all kinds of risky to me.
Well, the entire STAFF of the library I worked at drank together at a convention once. My boss put away four good-sized glasses of wine in forty-five minutes and was not visibly affected-- and that was only the wine I saw her drink. No idea if she had more before I got to the reception.

My current boss is a practicing Mormon. I once went to a work party with her (she was my ride) and she said she wouldn't mind a bit if I had a drink but I didn't feel like I could dare, though I'm sure she was sincere.

But for me mostly it's just that on the rare occasions when I drink hard liquor I tend to act stupid and tell people things they really never wanted to know.
*blinks* They don't have office parties in America?

At my last job the boss would drag people up town with him after the Christmas party and force them to do sambucca shots. Our work was barred from numerous venues where we'd had "conferences" and end of year functions due to the horrific drunken behaviour. Kind of appalling really.
*blinks* They don't have office parties in America?

Ohhhh, yes, we do. (Says the survivor of many a one.) It's the margarita lunches that do me in, though. You're half drunk and STILL trapped at work!
Not like they used to! The holiday party is usually the first thing to go when companies cut their budgets.

Never had a margarita lunch either. I don't supposed your company is hiring. ;)
It reminds me rather a lot of those ads for the Ab Circle Pro and other such products, where the fitness models are totally screwing up their backs due to their lack of actual core engagement.
Holy crap, that hammock looks like it would pretty much *ruin* my spine. Ow, ow, ow.

And the drinking with the boss thing? That's totally a little foreplay. In the next panel, they go in the bedroom and put their ties to good use! :)

Leg make-up. I'd wear that over actual hose *any* day.
Leg make up? As in... something you put on your legs to make it look like you're wearing stockings? I wonder if it would get sticky or something.
It looks like a wartime product, because silk for stockings was commandeered for parachute-making instead. I've heard of women using gravy browning to paint seams down their legs, which I can't help thinking would probably have attracted any dog in the local area...
Originally stockings had seams in them, and they did again in the 80's. And they can make one feel incredibly sexy, esp one those hose clips were gone 4 good.
Apparently, I had a different idea of how my body would wind up after spending all day in a hammock....
Kentucky bourbon that's distilled in New York? Sacrilege!

/lives in Kentucky and drinks lots of bourbon
Lol all of these are wonderfully hilarious. But I do want to try the leg make-up through.
No matter how hard I try, I can't stop reading that as "revolting hammock."
Is it just me, or is there just something distinctly...not right about the whole tone of the whiskey ad?