The unrelenting horror that is molded salads

Woman's Day, June 1958:

Enormous pink salad mold

Recipe, tl;dr version:  Make lemon jello with a mixture of tomato juice and mayonnaise instead of water.  Fold in a metric shit ton of shredded cabbage.  Mold in huge fucking thing that makes it look like a tit.  Unmold.  Garnish elaborately.  Stare at in despair.  Say, "Oh, fuck it," and throw out.

It's the A&P house brand, so considering that A&P is now the Food Emporium, it's whatever their house brand is.
You ought to publish a recipe book! The tldr version is genius.. mind you the salad itself looks utterly revolting!
This, most definitely. I want to type the tl;dr recipe out just to have a giggle when flipping past it in the card box.
Actually they were quite tasty!

My dad worked for A & P for 40 years...I so regret losing so many of the brand names that were carried by them, like Ann Page.
Calico slaw make me throw-up tonight,
throw-up tonight,
throw-up tonight,
Calico slaw make me throw-up tonight,
At first I thought it was strawberry or raspberry jello and whipped cream, which would be good, and then I realized that it might be meat. I'm not sure why tomato and vegetable seems grosser than meat.
But it's healthy for you! It has vegetables and fruit in it! [vbeg]
I don't know how to feel. I want to try it but looks so ewwy. :)
Well, I sat down here with my favorite French onion soup. And now I can't eat it.

Hey! Why not tape these "vegetable and gelatin goodness" pictures to the front of the fridge?

I can throw away my weight training equipment.
Oh! What monstrosity are they? Is that an orange with mayonnaise crammed into it?

I'm confused-- where'd the cabbage go? You'd think some of the cabbage would show through the gelatin, but it looks too perfect!

Also, I got mixed up at first and thought it was strawberry or raspberry but couldn't think why someone would put vegetables in either of those flavors.
It's going to wiggle off the plate and kill you in the night. All they'll find is a lone pimiento.