Further to the Chubettes, Trim-Teens, and Mr. Mack

Chubette(s) fashions, 1960

This ad series was, well, more than a series.  It was pamphlets, and treatises.

You may recall THIS ad and THIS one, previously posted.   There were a few others, like this disturbing duo:

But there was a whole rationale behind it.  For a full brochure and the text of this mystery booklet "Pounds and Personality",

First, via the owls go (Nolan Pelletier) at flickr, we have these images -- all enlarge to 1870x1340(ish). 

Witness poor Connie, now surnamed "Chubette" and coping with multiple personalities.

I also uncovered this ad in a Reading, PA, newspaper.  Turns out, you can't outgrow being a Chubette - because then you graduate to Trim-Teen™.  And slimmer = prettier is spelled out for you here.  But hey, "hard-to-fit" girls, Mr. Mack can help you with your "figure problems."  All I can picture is Mr. Pinky and the Hefty Hideaway ad from Hairspray.

Enlarges to 969x1055 for easy reading.

I've screencapped the text of the accompanying "news article," which I suspect is close to the full text of the "POUNDS AND PERSONALITY" booklet you could order.  Read on!  It's quite a set of mixed messages they're sending.  "weight=problem" vs "don't let weight define the child or shame her".  :S

Enlarges to 1013x933

And there you have it.
Is it a trap?
So if I don't go to the Emporium, Will I still have to go to school?
Aww, and here I thought the Chubbette thing was about being proud (or at least being okay) with plumpness.

I still want a chorus group of pleasantly plump women (or perhaps men as well?) called the Chubbettes.
Today's standards would find that model completely within normal weight limits. Thankfully.
And yet, for WOMEN, it's reversed....women with hips and thighs were more accepted then than now. Interesting!
Regardless of the brand name, I want every dress in these illustrations... preferably at those 60s prices-- the most expensive piece is $12.98!!!
"She can have a tummy and still look yummy!"? :O What is that? "Hey, parents! Worried the pedophiles are ignoring your little girl and that fat kids never get kidnapped? Dress her in Chubbettes and she'll have the attention of all the neighborhood sex offenders and Uncle Fred will stop ignoring her, too!"

I'm guessing Connie is supposed to be a Chubbette in training, because I would hardly consider her fat! However, she does appear to be a kid under a lot of pressure to succeed who gets all her meals at the soda shop and a hot dog stand. Yep. She'll weigh 280 by 8th grade.

The article was interesting and was as conflicting as the same issue is today: "Don't let your child feel bad for being overweight, BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE MAKE THAT KID LOSE SOME DAMN WEIGHT OR THEY'LL DIE YOUNG AND BE UGLY AND MISERABLE EVERY WAKING MINUTE OF THEIR SHORT LIVES! There are many factors that cause obesity so no one should feel shamed for being overweight or having an overweight child, BUT IF YOU LET THAT KID GAIN ONE MORE FREAKIN' POUND CPS IS GOING TO KICK IN YOUR DOOR AND PUT THEM IN A FOSTER HOME!"
I'm creeped out by the advertising that suggests that girls in the 6-18 range ought to be "yummy". 6????
Despite the terrifying ads and the article referring to a young woman in noun form as "a chubby," (apparently no association to penises) some of the the suggestions in the article are pretty reasonable. Though that headline...
Because this may be the year Connie makes friends....And then her friends will KNOW she was Chubby as an ~8 year old! The horrors! She should probably just hide in a cave alone, tbh. *snort*
I've seen girls who are pretty thick around the middle with thinner arms and legs, and if they do wear clothes that don't flatter them, they look much bigger than they are. So the first few ads are possible. The Trim Teens ones... no, not so much.

While it's still going at it in the wrong way, the article is still way more progressive and helpful than most of the stuff I see nowadays. Most families can't even alter clothing, and there seems to be minus help in getting older girls and young women to know how to dress in a way that they can feel pretty and good about how they look. Which is really important. I'm on the fatter side than "chubby", but I know it's always demoralizing when you go clothes shopping and there's nothing that fits you correctly because of style, not because of how big the article of clothing is.

So... yeah. While it's still really weird, I can appreciate the sentiment.
HEFTY HIDEAWAY!!! (have an eclair)
Am I the only one remembering the "HEFTY HIDEAWAY" scene from (the original) HAIRSPRAY MOVIE?