Sesame Place (1988)

But I want to see Big Bird in person! 

There used to be one of these in Irving, TX, a Dallas suburb where I lived as a kid, but by the time it opened I was too old for that kind of thing. I think it was only around for a few years because I know it was gone by the late 80s. That area really started to go into decline in the 70s so it's no wonder. This ad is for the one in Pennsylvania, which is still open. Looks like fun! Too bad my kids are too old for it now. I guess I'll have to wait for grandchildren! 
Oh my god, I used to love Sesame Place in Pennsylvania when I was young!
I went to the one in PA when I was 7 or 8. I still have a picture of me in the tub with Ernie. lol! My mom also tells me I ran away from her in order to meet Big Bird. Ha!