Some of those are super cute and some are downright scary!!Love the Mondrian ones with matching shoes.

That pink ruffled dress and scarf scare me a little, though!!
I want ALL of those Mondrian outfits. And of course the delicately-boobed figured to do them justice. *is over-endowed*
I want to go back in time with an era-specific wad of cash (yes, I think about that sort of thing) and just buy EVERYTHING.

ETA: Um, except that pink ruffled business. That's just bizarre.

Edited at 2012-01-11 06:19 pm (UTC)
I had the yellow one from the first picture, or one very like it, that I wore with knee high black boots. Loved that dress.
Mmm, nicely stylish! Though the pink ruffly dress looks like it ought to be cut up into party decorations. ;)
I had the little girl's dress (coral with the tie in front).

You know, I miss catalogs.
I love the black and white outfit in the bottom set, and the top two, also - divine!
I want all of the women's dresses to be an inch or two shorter, because the hems all are hitting at a weird place and stumpifying the models, I think due to the looseness of the dresses. (The girls' dresses are fine as-is.)
Not such a great reflection.
Did the "Chubby, too" tag have to be near the girls rather than in the description, Spiegel? :/ (Sigh...)
When is this look gonna come back?

The Mary Anne thing at the end almost ended me.
Hey, it's 1960's female Cyclops in the left of the first one!

You know, I was thinking "Oh, some of those are kind of cute!" especially for the little girl's pink dress in the bottom middle of the third one.

And then I got to the pink ruffled monstrosity.
The Wandering Waist: Those boots and dancing shoes are hideous. Maybe a nice pair of MaryJanes would look good with these dresses?

The Mondrian Look: I love EVERYTHING about this. The colours, the shoes, everything. This look needs to come back into fashion RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

For The Fashion inded 7 to 14's: I had that front dress in navy and white, back in the 70's. Cut way shorter to show off my tanned legs... sigh.

They Flirt For You: Every dress here looks like a night gown. The kind your creepy pedo uncle buys and jerks off thinking about every night.

Last Page: the chick in black & white looks like she's walking backwards with her head twisted round.