Oh my. It would appear that Mrs Hook had a little rendezvous with Captain Scarlet at some point.
Aha! I see it! The kid in the blue shirt is blond! Mom, is there anything you care to confess? You look way too happy there.

At first, I thought this was an ad for a seafood restaurant. I'm guessing this was a gospel music group or something? If so, they look awesome! A fat pirate in pink satin. A woman who is obviously concealing a lascivious secret. A creepy puppet that looks like it's going to kill them all. Hell, yeah! Oops, I mean, Heaven, yeah!
um. the ex has nearly-black hair and brown eyes. i have reddish brown hair and brown eyes. the beastlyboy has blonde hair and blue eyes. it can seriously happen. :D (in fairness, i was white-blonde when i was born, and it gradually darkened.) that's my two beastlies in the icon pic.
Oh, I know! Genetics is a total crap shoot. For example, my twin nieces don't even look like they're related. Both their parents have brown eyes and dark hair. One of my nieces looks like her parents, but the other one could pass for Swedish! She takes after a grandmother on their mother's side who is a blue-eyed blond. You just never know.

Besides, you know I was just taking a cheap shot to make Mom look like a slut. ;)
just cause one gets about a bit doesnt make one a slu....

i mean. *ahem* how about that local sports team? and isnt the weather weatherish for this time of year?? *snrch* ;)
I don't know what's scarier. This, or the fact I tried to wiki it and got the entire season listings of every episode of... Barney. o.O
D: The more you look, the more terrifying it becomes!

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James M. Barrie would NOT approve!
Oh, Calvary Records, your approval of this fills our nets with shame....
Well, you see, one day I was tuning idly up and down the cable stations — might have been a Sunday — and all of a sudden, here's this sub-muppet thing with white staring eyes, and it's in a jail cell, and it's yelling "Oh, WHY did I listen to my FRIENDS? Now I'm BLIND!!"

Oh, I was hooked. And thus I started watching "Pirate Adventures with Captain Hook."

I met the Captain — a double amputee since a motorcycle accident left him minus a hand and a foot. I met his crew, each one with a differently awful English accent. They had these puppets which proved to my satisfaction that Muppets fornicate with their siblings. I watched, and I taped. There was no other show that came close to the inspired off-the-wall lameness of this one.

One day a friend (who I had introduced to the show) called me up and said that they had ended the day's show with a little card that said the Captain had been called up to God. And they never showed "Pirate Adventures" ever again. The end.
Oh man, that was worth it. Thank you! Those four and a half minutes include the tale of his amputation, the wife (a couple years older and a couple pounds lighter but still very chipper), and the puppet (along with a couple felt ones).

Oh, the slow pacing of low-budget 1980s cable! Oh, sailing the seas to save young boys and girls with the treasure of Christ! Oh, it's gotta be better than a day job. I would be envious except that would be a sin. I'll simply be glad that this dude got to do something clearly fun before the end of his life.

I am the worst kind of agnostic: one that enjoys when religiously fervent folks are on mark and performing. It's like seeing a foreign culture on my doorstep.
Get thee behind me, satin!

A pirate ventriloquist act is the kind of thing Broadway Danny Rose would handle, but include the rest of the squad, and even he might pass on the....opportunity.

That's Sharky. He's the irrepressible one who calls the Captain "Fatso" and stuff like that. Over and over. Oddly enough, I don't remember ever seeing him on the show, but I found a place with some tracks from one of the LPs, and he figures prominently in those. (And he raps on one of the YouTube clips.)