"Compounded from Twenty of the most Safe and Salutory Cough Ingredients"

So wait, it's made out of ingredients that also make coughs?
I've kind of always wanted to try hoarhound candy (being a huge LHOTP fan). I imagine it tasting kind of like a "richer" version of root beer-flavored candy (or sort of like a cross between root-beer flavor and molasses?) although that's probably inaccurate.
It won't treat any of the stages of consumption, mind you, but you'll be in much less pain while your lungs fill with blood and you die.
I do like horehound, but usually you have to buy it in quantity that means I eat a handful of pieces and then the rest clump together in one hard, sticky chunk.

Lots of times boutiquey shops will have horehound-flavored candy sticks. Not a bad way to get a fix.
i remember my first encounter with hoarhound candy....i was at an aunt's and in her candy dish i thought it was candy, took a piece, popped it in my mouth and BLAH!!!!!!!! it was all hoarhound cough drops!!! UGH!