it's interesting to see which of these uses have stuff around as good ideas and which were throw by the wayside.
also those cabinets in the kitchen seem crazy but efficient use of space (no hitting my head on open door corners). i like them!
Also, WTH with the walls of her kitchen? Does she live in a cylinder, was this a bit of a challenge for the artist? The perspectives are bizarre.
AND no being frustrated at too many layers of paint on cabinets that should NEVER HAVE BEEN PAINTED SINCE THEY ARE MADE OF LAMINATE ON THE OUTSIDE!!

um. we just closed on a house, yesterday. i have kitchen cabinets that i'm going to have to get magnetic catches for so the doors will stay closed. the five year plan includes new counters and at the very least new drawers and doors. the layout is fine.

As a small child, I picked up the habit of calling the clear plastic that's thicker than Saran Wrap (often seen as a low-budget attempt at storm windows) "VisQueen", but only knew it phonetically, and not how it was actually spelled. For years, I've had folks think I was saying "Vis-Screen" and just tossing in the "qu" sound due to remembering it through a small child's ears.
Some folks still do that, with dust covers for their toaster, computer keyboard, computer monitor, etc.

In the 60s to 70s, my grandma made money sewing plastic sheets into lampshade covers and other covers with ruffled edges.
I do. I have a handmade cover that my dad made for the toaster, a rolltop for the computer monitor, and a screen for the TV that rolls shut to keep the TV screen clean. No plastic on the furniture, though! ;)
Oh man, growing up, my father had a plastic cover for EVERYTHING - remote controls, computer, VCR (even though the VCR was in a closed unit) - and was very verbal in how the covers should be folded and stored, let alone making sure they were used in the first place.

As a result, I was an utter slob for a few years when I first moved out. :P
That's why in Soviet Russia they have the custom of wrapping their remotes, car seats etc. in plastic!
"It's pure, tasteless, odorless..."

Tasteless? Talk about your truth in advertising!
Purity of essence. Complete control of technique.

This makes me think of people that Purel themselves.
Why I need a coffee brewer cozy, I have no idea.

To keep the dust off. Unfortunately, you then have to dust the dust-cover....
Tasteless, odorless, dissolves instantly in liquid, and is among the deadliest poisons known to man.
Mom's thinking: "You know, I wouldn't have this damn kid spilling stuff everywhere to begin with if Bob had put a plastic cover on his . . . oh, like that's ever going to happen. Just hurry up and invent the Pill already!"