I'd be pissed if those woke me up that early in the morning. And WOW, look how low those are!
God, I remember when during my childhood fighter planes in my country were still allowed to fly extremely low at all times of day. If I was playing in the garden, I used to run screaming into the house, it was so loud. Sound of freedom indeed.
I lived on US Navy bases (or near them) until I was sixteen. I was totally used to the sound of jets overhead, you got to the point where you just didn't notice anymore.

They rarely broke the sound barrier though.
That's one beautiful ad.

I've lived near an airport all my life. You get used to the sound. It becomes background noise.

One exception is heavy bombers or fighters coming in low. It sounds like they're on top of the house!
Heh. I live near an airport (as in, three blocks from a runway) and I can tell the weather by how close the planes are to my house. If it's sunny and clear, I can barely hear the planes - they all come in and out from the other direction. On wet days, the little ones land over my house, so they sound as if they're going to land ON the house.

It's like a noisy barometer.

Yes! Funny how we can adapt to just about anything. Who would've thought that jets coming in for a landing would eventually become just background noise? ;)
Tail Gun.
"Oh, good one, Northern Pike!"

"ME?! You're the lead-foot, Desperado!"

"Will you both stop arguing near civilians?! We have to return to base!"

"Fine, Major 'drink Military Grade C milk' Killjoy!"
I lived in Vermont as a kid and remember hearing jets break the sound barrier a lot. It was in the late 80s and early 90s.

Also, around 2001 my mom and I saw two jets flying up the river bed near her house in Pennsylvania. Pretty freaky!
Argh, when I was living in Fresno, the Air National Guard took off from the airport in the south end of town and went northwest over most of the city. If you were having a conversation, you'd have to stop what you were doing for at least two minutes - I remember being on a conference call with our ad agency, which was down near the airport, and them saying, "Hang on, the fighters are taking off," and by the time things were starting to quiet down where they were, I couldn't hear myself think where I was, several miles north!

Now I live in a small town in PA, one street over from the hospital's helipad. It's also non-optimal, but not as bad as the fighter jets. As far as transportation sounds go, I would rather hear the sounds of the trains on the tracks I lived near in Virginia and Michigan.
<--- Missing the pint.
I wish milkmen still delivered in the U. S. :\
Re: <--- Missing the pint.
God yes, I run out so often, it would be a joy to have few quarts show up every day.