Star Trek first run ads and more

Space: the final frontier.

In color!

"Ably assisted"? (Team Spock, here. Boston represent!)

Can you spot the discrepancy here?

Will never not be creepy...

One of my favorite parts of this series is its cultural diversity. I recognize that pikkewyntjie posted the Ebony cover with Nichelle Nichols a couple months ago, but I really wish I could have gotten to it first!

A most fascinating source.
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These are amazing... thanks for sharing!! ...and yay for the upside down enterprise!! LOL
Yeah, I love them, but the horrible puns in the third ad, omg. I'm a Spock fangirl, tbh, though I like all of the main characters.
Despite not being given a lot to do, Uhura could still be incredibly bad-ass when necessary. For the '60s, showing a woman capable of handling herself on the bridge of the Mirror Enterprise was pretty cool. :)

The old ads never fail to amuse! Grace Lee Whitney is prominent in the early episodes but pretty much disappears halfway through the first season. And I noticed they had to make sure to point out 'Earthman' in one of the ads. ;)

Interesting, too, that an hour-long show started on the half hour, at 8:30. But then, before the family hour was mandated, primetime series could start at 7 or 7:30.
I originally had poster the cover in the post and noted how strong, beautiful and kick-ass she is.

I'd been wondering where the heck she is. We're in mid-season 3 and no sign of her for forever. Then she shows up in TMP! I was surprised, but found out why. Sad.

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Wonderful post. All excellent finds.

Spooky Spocky? WTF?

(Team Spock here too. But my mother was 100% "Team I don't even like science fiction but William Shatner is hot so pass the popcorn, kid.")
There's a local theater group (I'm in Portland, Oregon) that does Trek in the Park. Every summer they pick an episode and do it as a staged play for a bunch of weekends in a row. They even have live musicians play the opening credits music (and incidental soundtrack stuff), with a lovely soprano singer.

It's absolutely amazing. They've done it for (I think) three years now. They've had to move to a park with more places to sit!
The discrepancy seems to be the date? The year specifically. From 79 shouldn't it go to 80 rather than 75? I surprised they hadn't decimalised the calendar by then. 12 months with a random number of days seems so inefficient. was a 4!!! So that's not it. As there's no up or down in space it can't be the angle of the Enterprise.... I can't see it?!
Beatle bangs? Someone please enlighten me and tell me to which member of the Beatles they were referring because I think I missed their Spock hair phase.
Their hair was iconic! Like this, or this, for example. It was just that kind of low, rounded-cut 'do they sported, particularly during their earlier pop years.

In fact...

I believe that was the original, intended orientation of the Enterprise, but then they decided they liked it the other way.
Interesting. However, the fact that Spock is holding a replica in the correct way in the same ad is sort of damning.
Even before the slash was invented, the slash is evident in these ads. Or are my slash-goggles just really finely tuned?