Star Trek first run ads and more

Space: the final frontier.

In color!

"Ably assisted"? (Team Spock, here. Boston represent!)

Can you spot the discrepancy here?

Will never not be creepy...

One of my favorite parts of this series is its cultural diversity. I recognize that pikkewyntjie posted the Ebony cover with Nichelle Nichols a couple months ago, but I really wish I could have gotten to it first!

A most fascinating source.
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Wonderful post. All excellent finds.

Spooky Spocky? WTF?

(Team Spock here too. But my mother was 100% "Team I don't even like science fiction but William Shatner is hot so pass the popcorn, kid.")
My mother is the same way. Not much of a science fiction fan, but she watched Trek and the original movies all because of Shatner. The original VHS release of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home came with a double sided poster featuring Shatner in two scenes from the movie (one was on Enterprise, the other was with Catherine Hicks in the hospital scene). After my parents got divorced, my mother put that poster up by our TV and kept it there for years...well into the 90's.

For the record, she is now 60 years old and still squeals when she sees a commercial.