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Space: the final frontier.

In color!

"Ably assisted"? (Team Spock, here. Boston represent!)

Can you spot the discrepancy here?

Will never not be creepy...

One of my favorite parts of this series is its cultural diversity. I recognize that pikkewyntjie posted the Ebony cover with Nichelle Nichols a couple months ago, but I really wish I could have gotten to it first!

A most fascinating source.
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I know we had this discussion when I posted the Ebony cover, but it's worth nothing that Nichelle Nichols was considering leaving Star Trek because she did not think they were giving her character enough to do. That is, until none other than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. himself personally asked her to stay on the show. So glad she stayed on because her character really developed over the years and everyone in the Federation knew not to f*** with Uhura!
I've always loved that story! :) Dr. King understood that even though Nichelle wasn't one of the stars that her presence on the bridge as Chief of Communications was important. Not only did she get to be very cool and dangerous in the Mirror, Mirror episode, but she was shown doing technical work on her console and Spock complimenting her on her abilities! LOL!

Any woman who could be kick-ass in a mini-skirty and thigh-high boots is tops in my book! ;)
Well, Dr. King was certainly right. Whoopi Goldberg and astronaut Mae Jamison are just two examples of African-American girls who were inspired by Uhura. Inspiring a young girl to pursue a career in science and go into space? Now that kicks ass! Uhura is an inspiration to girls of all races. You can be super smart, have a great career, and, if you want, look damn fine while doing it!
This was also a major source of argument between Roddenberry and the network executives. I have Nichelle Nichols' autobiography and she talks about her relationship with Gene and how he kept trying to fight for her to get more and more screen time and kept getting shut down.