Star Trek first run ads and more

Space: the final frontier.

In color!

"Ably assisted"? (Team Spock, here. Boston represent!)

Can you spot the discrepancy here?

Will never not be creepy...

One of my favorite parts of this series is its cultural diversity. I recognize that pikkewyntjie posted the Ebony cover with Nichelle Nichols a couple months ago, but I really wish I could have gotten to it first!

A most fascinating source.
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Why did I never even think of this? Probably because the Beatles cut is shaggier and longer and definitely not so precise as the Vulcan 'do.
Exactly what I was thinking. Yeah, Beatles hair was very popular, but I still don't see how someone would look at Spock and think "oh, he has hair like The Beatles." The copywriter just seemed to be grasping at a lot of cultural clichés trying to sound hip and relevant.

ETA: Now with Chekov, on the other hand, yeah, he definitely had that kind of hairstyle, but he came along later.

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I think in those days the very idea of a man having hair that was combed forward with a fringe was outrageous, and the only people in pop culture who had hair worn that way were the Beatles, as I recall. You look at any photo of men in the 50s, early 60s and the hair was uniformly combed back from the face.

Chekov most certainly had proper young-person Beatle hair.
Good point, suzycat! I had not thought of it that way. Sort of like calling any man with long hair a "hippie." (Heck, I still know people who do that!)
My man has super long hair, wears Berkies and enjoys the green. But he's applying to law school and he's so not crunchy so he's not lol
Shatner's hair was a perfect example of the hair of the time. As for Chekov, you are 100% correct. Interesting!
Yeah. It was just the "in" thing at the time, so people tried to apply it to everything that would even loosely fit the definition to try and make it a little hipper/trendier-seeming.

Trust a Vulcan to try and perfect a haircut! Shaggy and relaxed is not nearly as precise or logical as a clean-cut trim.