it looks like a nude background material (you can see the neckline close to her throat, and the shoulder seam) with battenburg lace overlay. VERY pretty!
Wow. Either these are some kind of paintings or there was a LOT of photo-editing going on.

Image #1 began life as a photograph, but her face was retouched to immaculate perfection. Observe the, what was it, Battenburg lace - in focus on her right side, it and her hair go out of focus on the left. (Depth of field isn't easy to achieve; any number of silent film stars can be seen with their ears out of focus, so shallow was the depth of the lens. Hey, you work with what you have…)

#3 is simply a painting, worked up in Norman Rockwell fashion from a photograph - though not as well as he did such things.

Does anyone else see image #1 as looking weirdly like Valerie Bertinelli?