That pictured salad is a hideous monstrosity.

It's wonderful, isn't it?
No wonder 50's kids turned to drugs n the 60's. They had to get rid of the memory somehow!
Yeah. That picture could double as a list of foods I would never want to find in my jello.

I really hope that's just guacamole in the cut-off spoon at the top.
Re: yes
Doubtful that many people in The U.S. knew what guacamole was in 1959. I would guess that it's celery up there.
Mr. Yuk really means YES.

And I love how it's "Use-Up-Your-Leftovers-in-a-Jell-O-Salad WEEK." You know, because one day just wouldn't be enough.

Today Greenpeace could use this mold as a replica of The Indian Ocean Garbage Patch. Maybe it could raise some money for charity.
Exactly. Especially children who hate vegetables. They can detect vegetables a mile away, and when they're set in Jell-O, the kids can SEE them. Mom's having herself on.

As appalling as the recipe sounds, I do like the graphics, with all the white spoons and colorful vegetables. (although the pic sort of implies using all of them at the same time in the same salad which is awful) (and olives in Jello... ewww.)
Yes -- but no foodstuff should have that many different colors in it.

Actually the entire ad reminds me of what Peg Bracken wrote about leftovers (in a chapter subtitled "Every Family Needs a Dog"): that unless the "leftover" item is three or four pounds of turkey or ham, you might as well toss it in the first place. Paraphrased: you or I do not have to deal with leftover chocolate mousse, or leftover caviar, or leftover lobster tails: what we have left over is that dreary mess of frozen mixed-veg, worth about six mills in a bull market, so just dump them.
oh dear, i hope you're not being serious; you really shouldn't just dump them. it's amazing (and a real problem!) how much finely edible food ends up in junkyards in rich countries. i hope we wouldn't have to suffer from some kind of a starvation to give our food the worth it deserves. but well, the worth doesn't happen in jell-o molds, haha...
I like the colors too, but wow, that idea of using leftovers leaves a lot to the imagination and in reality, the jello salad could look REALLY GROSS and taste equally so. Makes me think of a story I read, where some people were in a prison and the woman just couldn't eat the "soup". She found out later that it was the "scrapings" of what was leftover from other prisoners plates...writing this makes me almost want to vomit at such a thought. I'm sure those prisoners would have welcomed a beautiful "leftover jello salad" as pictured in this ad.
those are all the frozen vegetables i really hate. (and i try to eat as vegan as possible)
What the heck made them want to put leftovers in Jell-O in the first place? Were they drunk cooking, again?