OH, it's done with birthday candles. Which is marginally reassuring, I guess.


That's very ... clever.

And by clever I mean "Please don't make me think about it eating it."

I'm glad they put that part in about the birthday candles, I wasn't to keen on eating something that was flammable.
You do realize most food is flammable right?

In fact pretty much ALL food is flammable. The process by which the body gets energy from food is remarkably similar, chemically, to combustion.

Fuel + oxygen ----energy released---> carbon dioxide + water

Try lighting, say, a corn flake on fire. They burn really well! ;)

Why...is it flesh colored instead of cranberry colored? The fresh cranberries I buy during the holidays are always a very dark, deep red. :=/

also I want to make this.
I mean seriously. How can you not. (Just without mayonaise.)

Mmmm gelatin, mayo, melted wax and, by the look of the dustpan on the table, cranberries you've just swept up from the floor! Way to get rid of overstaying house guests!
OMG, I completely missed the dustpan there I could only stare in horror at the flesh colored lit up tubes. Horrified!!!
EDIT: Dang, I almost forgot the YES

I'm just having a hard time imagining how cranberries and mayo taste together. It doesn't sound like the best combination in the world, especially when you add melted wax flavor from the candle.

No matter how it tastes, the color of it would make me ask why I was being served a flaming meat log. I'm rather sure I would decline the offer of a dollop of mayo on top, too.

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Minus the wax, you should try a Thanksgiving leftovers sammich, to test the waters with a cranberry/mayo combo.
What in the hell...I lived through the 60s but I'm beginning to realize more and more what a bizzaro world it was.

this is...on the one hand, i love everything cranberry. EVERYTHING.

but this...i looked at it and thought it was mystery meat, dumped right out of the can and onto lettuce...and then set on fire. and i didn't understand. and i don't think i like cranberries anymore.