You'll start a new holiday tradition...of vomiting! Woo-hoo! Party time for all!
Wow. Unappetizing looking AND potentially full of wax. :P
If anyone actually served these i wonder what the reaction of the diners was...
This is actually a nifty idea. I just don't get where the mayo comes in...why do so many of these ads combine mayo with Jello?...just no.
Um, do these look slightly phallic to anyone else, or do I just have a dirty mind?

I am so making this the next time we host Thanksgiving. The nieces and nephews will love it and the adults will be appropriately horrified.
... serve cranberry "candles" as your salad

Because a salad isn't a salad unless it's on fire and can provide ambient lighting.

Oh, UGH! I thought these were made out of ground ham and ham fat at first! God, these look disgusting!
Nothing quite so festive for Thanksgiving as SETTING FIRE TO THE DESSERT.

Quite a bizarre jello creation; like people have wanted to eat food shaped like pillar candles? I've actually eaten a few cranberry jello salads and they are quite tasty; but not in this shape!
Yes. I would love to know how someone came up with this recipe, particularly the candle part of it.
You've come up with some wrong, but this is really wrong.

But hey, it's one way to make sure your guests screen your calls/block your email/never accept another invitation.