I beg your pardon, JELL-O! If they are dessert-eating gays, they spend more on themselves than just JELL-O!

I would like to see a rainbow flag-colored assortment of parfaits, though.
Love the little cherubs.
It's a great recipe, but mwn, the kids are going to be climbing the walls.
WTF, cookies in Jello?

Yes for the gayness, though. Yes *to* the gayness, maybe?
Yes. Because red is totally a flavor.

And why did nobody tell me that Jell-O is the especially gay food to eat? Now I fear my gay card will be revoked because I don't eat enough of it.
Yes. The only thing gayer than red-flavor Jell-O with animal crackers in it, is red-flavor Jell-O with animal crackers in it AND A CANDY STICK POKED INTO THE MIDDLE.
I thought it was supposed to be rainbow Jell-o?

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I would think the jello would make the animal crackers soggy and that wouldn't be so appealing to children.

When we were in college, two of my friends bought a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 fortified wine in a flavor called Banana Red. Not Banana Strawberry or Banana Cherry; Banana Red. So between Jell-O and Mad Dog 20/20, apparently Red *is* a flavor.