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Hamburg Sex Shows, 1963

Nightlife ads in the program for the International Garden Show in Hamburg, 1963.

And here's my rough attempt at translation. Note that a lot of the words are already in English or French, to make it both modern and sexy.


Nightclub – Dance – Cabaret
Call Girls

Ours only,
More than 20 model-beautiful girls
Want to sweeten your life
At the Parisiana

Our nonstop-striptease-review
Is really exceptional

Your understanding wife would laugh
You will have fun


La Maitresse (The Mistress)

The night cabaret with the spicy “Parisian atmosphere”

Experience our unique non-stop program
Enjoy our rapid strip-tease show

“Sin” with our “mistresses”
The queens of love

“Vive l’amour” (Long live love)



Look for the Old German Beer Cellar
At the Hotel Imperial


Casino de Paris
Present their
Big Sex-Revue

International dance and show orchestra
Table telephones – ladies and gentlemen
Floor show – dancing – table telephones – beauties

Member of the Diners Club

During the garden show programs start at 4:00 pm


Where to go on the Reeperbahn (Hamburg’s red-light district)

(article mentioning all the advertised clubs)


Café Lausen
World famous

8 am open
3 pm concert
4 pm dancing


“Montmarte” Rotisserie Chicken

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