I've never been able to resist a kitty with white socks, especially when they're role models!

So cute!
Etti Cat is adorable! Who's a little fuzzy role model? Yes you are. I wish they still had him.
I wish they still had Miss Subways:

This was a series of subway ads that ran from 1941 to 1976 (says Wikipedia.)
My friend's mom was a Miss Subways while she was a student at Hunter College in the 1950s.

Both the main museum and the Grand Central branch are wonderful. They also have really great gift shops a lot of the MTA merch is very clever and reasonably priced, and they make great souvenirs that really say "New York."
I'm a bit late here, but would like to say that one of my very favorite movie-musicals, On the Town, is about Gene Kelly falling in love with a Miss Subway poster and trying to find the girl in person!
This is one adorable ad! Etti-Cat looks sort of like Small Cat, my tuxedo cat, although Small Cat's manners are appalling. His former owner went to jail and just left him behind, to fend for himself.
Aww. I have a tuxedo who was abandoned, too. No idea about her backstory - she was living outside but she loves people and improved her manners pretty quickly.
I don't know if Small Cat's manners are capable of reform. He's the kind of cat who operates on the idea of "Taste it, and see if it's food; if it's not, you can always throw it up". More like a dog. He'll also insinuate himself between you and food (sandwich, chicken leg, chocolate brownie, asparagus), and say, "Hi! Oh, you're eating! Oh, hey, can I have that? Oh, I can? (Let go!) Oh, wow, thanks!" On top of all that, he's an inveterate pan-licker and garbage-picker.

He really has no sense of boundaries. But he IS cute, and he is very affectionate. :)
Appropriate icon is appropriate!

Jake could do this in Boston...


"Where is that train? But remember, when waiting, stay behind the yellow line."


"Remember that Federal law requires that certain seats must be vacated for seniors and disabled persons."


"No matter how much of a hurry Mom is in, strollers belong in elevators, not on escalators!"

What a beautiful and well behaved cat Jake is! I used to see a guy walking his cat like that in Frankfurt.
Is he an Abi? We used to have one - such friendly, clever little guys. Yours is gorgeous!
Such a gentleman! The oddest creature I ever saw riding the T was a Vietnamese potbellied pig. He was perfectly well-behaved, but had to be carried on & off the trolly -- those tiny little legs couldn't handle the steps!
MBTA allows cats on trains, with leashes? I can't imagine Metro in D.C. allowing such a thing.
I just noticed the little token with "Sorry - Please - Thanks" on it. That's awesome. I wish they had that here...

Can we vote for this? Because YES!
Awww, kitty! =^_^= So cute.

I showed this to my cat, but she looked rather unimpressed. Then again, not much impresses her (see icon).
I could barely understand the first ad. Who is this geared towards? Other than cat lovers, I think most people would have stopped reading halfway. Or maybe I just hate run-on sentences.