"You like what you see?"
"Sure do."

Are they supposed to be at the Playboy mansion or is that a poster in the background?
Jim and Spock on a casual evening out on-planet. Jim insists on the "secret" uniforms, and makes Spock sit at his feet and call him Captain.

It has always been this way. It is their game.
"Why are you so far away?"

"Dude, you're looking through the wrong end...OH!"
"Damn it, I sold all that crap from those comic book ads and these X-Ray specs still show Boyd with his clothes on!"

"Tad, I can't splay like this all day. It's your turn!"

*Sigh*... "Going to have to edit this for the fan-fiction."
Wow, matching socks! Longing looks! Ignoring the Playboy Bunny!

Yep, there's one in every crowd alright. ;-)
Every so often one of those enormalamps shows up in my ebay saved searches for vintage lamps. They look normal until your eyes register the size of the socket as compared to the body of the thing.
I like the idea that the girl in the background is watching them, instead of the usual other way around
Careful, boys. The legs on that sofa are very tiny and fragile-looking.