Definitely! It was through her site that I found this one. She also has one for current ads, too. It's not quite as fun, but still worth a look now and then.
Not sure I wanna be 'hot' like those 'dudes'.
That bike's pretty dope, though.
Growing up, I knew some guys, friends of my parents, who wore jumpsuits. They all had their first name embroidered on the pocket, though.
Anytime I try to comprehend our nation's love affair with neon and pastels in the 80s, I think of Rick James' quote on the Chappelle Show:

"Cocaine is a hell of a drug."
Pastels made sense in context. There is an historical contrast to the loud colors that dominated the 1970s. There is also the move from polyester back to cotton clothing, which looks softer and more comfortable in lighter colors.

This may be hard to believe now, but cotton used to be a shunned fabric. It was stiff and resisted ironing, it was the fabric made from slave labor, it was old-fashioned. Meanwhile plastic fabrics resisted wrinkling and washed off stains with a sponge. We weren't working out as much then.

Pastels promoted cotton. We may have moved to primary colors and thinner cotton clothes, but we're still not all that keen on plastic clothes unless they wick sweat.
Very good point. I do, however, have to wonder about the pants in the very first ad. :)
The only guys that should be wearing a jumpsuit are those that might get dirty or greasy. In other words, the opposite of the guy in this ad.

Not only does MIami Vice have things to answer for, but so does Tom *gag* Cruise.
That first one is glorious. I imagine everything in that picture tastes like rainbow sherbet.
This is - priceless? I have no words. This ad gives me hope that I know what I'm talking about when I sneer at some of today's commercials. Someday, everyone else will agree with me. Thanks for sharing!
haha! i watched this on youtube last night!!! perfect timing!!!

One of my nephews had a Mongoose bike back in the day. My sister bought it at a garage sale for $5. She had no idea it was a cool bike.

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