Long & Silky is Dum

Clairol Long & Silky, 1974

Remember loooong hair?  And sew-on patches?  Remember when greasy jeans were OK?

Another gem from "Found in Mom's Basement"

One more L&S


Ending a sentence fragment with a preposition, tsk tsk.


I had hair to my butt. What a pain that was to upkeep.
I have straight thick hair almost down to my butt, and I don't know why people think long hair is hard to maintain. I wash it all of twice a week (I use the baking soda/vinegar aka "no poo" method) and most days I just have it braided out of the way. I find shorter hair much trickier to care for--it has to be washed more often and it gets in the way more 'cause it won't stay off my face.
This. I've always kept mine really long because then there is no such thing as a "bad hair day." Long hair doesn't stick up at odd angles in the morning and demand to be washed.

And I've never understood the excuse that long hair is bad because it gets hot. That's what pony tails are for - something you can't do with short hair if it gets hot.
I used to have really long hair past my butt when I was much younger.

You can still have "bad hair days". Example: It's really windy outside and you have no way to tie your hair up (or in my case, sometimes, I'd ride a motorcycle and couldn't tie my hair up inside the helmet, so the hair poking out of the helmet got knotted badly). So you get tons of knots in it and have to spend 30 minutes brushing all the tangles out.
if short hair gets in the way, it's not short enough.

I do think long hair is hard to maintain. I wash and dry my hair just like the rest of my body (though not as often. Twice a week sounds about right). It doesn't get easier than that.
I tried having my hair that short once and it does not look good on me. Either that or I just couldn't get used to it!
their hair looks so healthy! hair adverts now look so over-produced, like TOO shiny or something.
My hair is the length of the model on the left in the second ad. Take it from me, it's not that difficult to look after at all.
My poor niece cried and cried when her mother cut off her 'Pocahontas Hair.'
I had waist length hair until I was 11 , then I Insisted on cutting it. For years (I'm 46 now) I had did layers, etc. Now I'm growing it out again. Except for occasional trims, I will never cut it again, and the fashion police be damned!
Since we're all sharing our long hair stories:

I used to have hair longer than the lady on the far right's in the top pic. It looked great, I took great care of it, but man, what a pain in the ass it was. I have really fine hair, so it tangles really easily, and this would result in me having to brush it multiple times a day, sometimes for as long as thirty minutes at a time. It took a lot longer to wash in the shower, just because there was so much more of it. I refused to blowdry it because I didn't want to damage it, so it'd take about 4-5 hours for my hair to fully dry. On top of all of that, I got super bad headaches as a result, because as it turns out, that much hair pulling on your head all the time can cause neck strain.

I finally chopped it all off into a pixie a few years ago, and the headaches are gone, no more hours a day wasted brushing my hair. I don't style it, it just goes wherever and I rather like how that looks. :)
I have the same problem when I grow my hair out too long! It's so fine that it pretty much tangles on its own unless I'm careful. Not that I don't love long hair...but I usually get sick of it after a year and chop it off above the shoulders!
My hair is about those models' length now and I love it. I've always loved long hair. My mom preferred short but as soon as I was old enough to decide on my own hairstyle it's been long except for a brief period in the early '80s. :)
Ok what are "greasy jeans"? Is that a style? Or are they just ... unwashed jeans?

While we're sharing hair stories ... My mother tried to make my hair look like those adverts until I was about 12, when I had enough of all the combing and blow drying with a round brush that got tangled in the lengths and cut it off. I grew it out again the past few years and found out that my hair was never meant to be straight ...
My hair is down past my bum too, but it's easier for me than wearing it short. My hair is wavy when it's long, but when it's short, it's somewhere between Shirley Temple and Bob Dylan, so I keep having to do things to keep it from looking frizzy or sticking out in all directions. Now, I just rake a comb through my hair when it's when and again when I wake up. It's so freeing.
My hair used to be down to my bum. Now it's barely past my shoulder blades and I really regret cutting it. I personally never found it to be a pain to deal with. (But I know that for some people it would be.) My routine has always been wash, comb, braid for sleeping, bun if I'm in a hurry the next morning, something more complicated if I'm not. *shrug*

I'm growing it back out now and, as another commenter said, fashion police be damned! I want my super long hair back! I'll just have the ends trimmed when they get icky looking. :)
I want to join the bandwagon and share my long hair stories. But I'm just shocked to see that model in the first pic wearing black socks with sandals! I can't believe that style was EVER acceptable enough for a pretty model to wear it in a fashion ad!