Freaky Friday - Evil Clown Phobia, anyone?

I'll put these behind a cut for our more sensitive viewers.   If you didn't have a clown phobia already, you will now. D:

If you love clowns, enjoy! :D

Clowns in the Underground! 1936/37


They're only going to get worse...

Post's Sugar Krinkles, 1950s


Yep, it gets worse than that...

Stop now.

Ten High Whiskey, 1940


I can't tell if the last one is a clown or just a drunk oakie.
O_O Sugar Krinkles, now coated with yummy SPEED!

A drunk cown? Yeah, that'll make the kiddies laugh.
The top panel of the last ad is really the scariest. And I don't even have a clown phobia.
You know what it looks like? The super-creepy artwork in the "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" books.

I guess clown ads are where that guy got his start.
The second clown looks like the one from Carnival straws.

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The first one isn't really that bad, but yeah those other two are creepy. The second one would definitely deter me from buying Sugar Krinkles.
While I realize the clown in the whiskey ad has a blacked-out tooth on account of the clown makeup...he still looks a little rough to me.

Pretty much seems like advertising your whiskey as the one that toothless hobos can afford.