There's something I don't understand about the message, but I can't put my finger on what it is.
I think that's why it caught my attention. It's sort of progressive, but yet not, and you end up unsure of what they want you to feel.
It's that whole seventies thing of "now we have equality of the sexes so we are all UNDERSTANDING and not tied into RIGID GENDER ROLES," etc. So men are "strong enough to be gentle" and women don't need to "play hard to get," blah blah.

But the tag line kind of contradicts the whole thing - "It's still your job as a woman to be alluring enough to entice him to act the right way!" Things used to be so much simpler - "Get him to marry you by using our product."
He looks like the Main actor in the Mentalist..... the aussie. I can't remember his name....

I grabbed this before it vanishes down the memory hole. It's so sexist! [Somehow… Don't question Correct Thought.]

well how about if he's just "more of a man" (which means being gentle?) without her being "more of a woman" first (i.e., spraying perfume all over) - and I'm still not sure what it means for her "acting hard to get" vs. "not acting" is very ambiguous. Does she just act "gettable" or does she stop acting and become actually hard to get?

That's an amusingly good point!

“Before, I acted hard-to-get. Today - I ain't acting!

“Hey, hey - put that gun down…Jeez, I'm leavin' awright?!”

My reading might be overly generous, but I'm getting more of a, "If you want it, go for it, you don't need to act like you don't want it. But if you don't want it, that's fine, too," vibe.
Confused the heck out of me, too. Maybe a little spray of perfume will help clear my head...

Great, now I smell like my great-grandmother! She loved that stuff.
Oh. If she just gives it up, he won't have to rape her. Makes perfect sense. Der.