My husband looks a lot like Neil, but has always hated people saying so because he hates hippies. He has long hair, is a vegetarian, wears Birkenstocks, and hates hippies. He tries to say that it's metal hair, not hippie hair, but I think he doth protest too much.
Of course, you eventually learn you can make a Frisbee™ out of almost any round, flat object.

I was told a long time ago that the Frisbie pie company was the origin of the name "Frisbee."
I got some of that crap on my shirt once, and my mother bitched to high heaven for two weeks :P
My parents bought this for me at my insistence, and the darn straw would always get clogged up, and/or we'd turn blue trying to blow anything into it.
Don't use it in the house.

And not near your parent's furniture!

I learned that the hard way.
wonder if ANY of those kids are alive today after blowing up and inhaling all that caustic plastic/vinyl stuff...
I would say yes, yes they are still alive. I think there are quite a few of us who played with that stuff who haven't croaked yet!
I got a set of that stuff for Christmas one year. I couldn't get it to work. I never got balloons that big!
Oh, I loved that stuff! It was stinky and probably toxic as hell, though! And you didn't ever want to smoosh one of those bubbles on carpet, it was worse to clean up than chewing gum.
It was MAGIC. It smelled terrible and was a weird rubber-like thing that came out of a tube, and it made these semi-permanent bubbles (like so). Was like a weird cross between blowing soap bubbles and blowing gum bubbles.
I just remember the ads. It was one of those hideous things where a sappy female voice would say something (in that "oooh, kiddies, isn't this the most wonderful fing ever?" tone) and then a bunch of kid voices would shout "Super Elastic Bubble Plastic!" And then the voice would say another phrase, and they'd all shout again. All through the ad.

Even though I bought a version of this stuff at Ben Franklin (and learned just how lame it was, at least the kind I got), I wouldn't buy anything I saw advertised that way. (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, 'HOPPITY HOP'!) Every now and then somebody revives this awful advertising technique, alas.
YOU GUYS, you can still get off-brand versions of this stuff if you root around the Crummy Toys aisle at any small town, rinkydink drugstore. Any Ohioans out there? Drug Mart has it. And yes, it still smells awesomely/hideously like acetone and rubber.